Work hours to date (See posting date at top of chart below)

As part of the garden agreement, individual garden plot owner(s) agree to contribute 12 hours to "garden community" tasks in order to keep the overall garden looking beautiful. These hours can be met by attending workdays or doing designated tasks on Independent Work Hours (see IWH page for info).

How to read the chart: The columns after the plot number show the hours accumulated from Jan 1 through the listed date above. The next column is the requirement for the year (new gardeners have pro-rated hours), the next is the total owed for this year.

If your number is a positive in the last column then that is how many hours you owe. If your number is negative, you're all good. If your plot number is listed in grey, you have significant hours to make up and we'll be sending out an email to you.

Note: If you have any questions or feel that we've missed some hours you put in, please email the Workday Coordinators here.
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