Independent Work Hours (IWH) - Updated December 2016
This list is updated on occasion, generally after monthly workdays

If you are not able to make garden Workdays, you can complete your required hours by doing Independent Work Hours.

We ask that you pick from the projects below unless you've contacted the Land Use or Workday Coordinators prior to your IWH with special projects.

Please make sure you enter your IWH into the binder in the Tool Shed on the sheet provided. Please print legibly, too. Thanks.

The following tasks need attention right now. Some are repeated below, but with photos.
  • Weed and sheetmulch area outside the fence between the main gate and 7th Ave (see below)
  • Sheetmulch area outside the South fence between the gate and the East end (see below)
  • Continue hemlock removal from various areas in the garden.
  • Remove woody materials from compost pallet bins; chop in medium size pieces and pile up in the pallet area.
  • Remove oxalis from all areas of the garden. Use the Hula hoes to remove. See below.
  • Chop greens in wood and black plastic bins into small pieces; pile in area near compost bins. Hand tools are available in the shed.
*Brown paper bags stored in shed.

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Sheet mulch outside fence, main gate to 7th Ave

Weed prevention! Chop down existing weeds, cover with an inch or two or manure, layer with cardboard (in fenced area near compost bins) and then put 4 inches of wood chips on top.

If you need to see how it's done, look at the area from the main gate to the East gate (toward Locksley). Photos of the successful sheet mulching are below.
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Sheet mulch - inside and outside the South fence

Weed prevention!

Workday folks did a great job starting the process. Even though we are not responsible for outside the fence, it affects the garden. This is the area from the South gate (lock code 8925 on the upper rail) going East.

There is some weed prevention to be done inside the fence, but not as much as outside.

If you have questions, please email the workday folks.
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Meeting circle mulching

The area has been covered with straw, but we're looking for a 6" layer of wood chips to prevent weeds and make a stable base for this area.

If you don't know "the meeting circle" area, please write to the Workday folks for more information.

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NW Corner invasive removal

Oxalis and more.

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Invasive Weed Removal everywhere - Oxalis

Found nearly everywhere in the garden - in the common areas, herb beds, in the orchard and on the pathways - removing oxalis and putting them into the "Bad Weed" corral at the back of the garden is an ongoing task. Our "friend" oxalis is pictured to the right. Take it out.

If you need to identify invasives, there's a page for that on this website. Click here.

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Cape Ivy Removal

Toward the back of the garden near the New Guinea impatiens there are large patches of Cape Ivy needing eradication. These all go in the bad weeds bin.

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Elm Shoots Removal

From the NW to the SW corner (the fence along 7th Avenue) you'll find elm shoots. Take 'em out.

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Lillies in all areas

Between the cutting garden and the 7th Avenue fence, these can be pulled and the area sheet mulched. Remember, on these lilies, there are bulbs beneath the ground. Please dig them up and put in the bad weed bin.

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Ehrharta and other weeds SW corner (specific project)

Just to the West of the raspberry canes/patch, there are some patches of weeds. They can be pulled and the area sheetmulched.

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Weed removal hints.

Sometime soon (mid July) members of the SC will be going through the garden and marking weed areas to be removed with caution tape or some brightly colored marking.

At right is ehrharta, which seems to grow everywhere.

Remember, these go into the bad weed bins.

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Clearing frames to prevent rot (ongoing)

If you want to see an example of what needs to be done, look at the area between plots 40 and 46.

Some of the more buried plots will simply have to be replaced, but there are LOTS of plots that need the mulch and soil scraped away from the sides so they don't rot.

Look for an email from Andrea J about which plots can be used for Independent Hours.

Also, see the page on Plot Rot Prevention on this website to learn more about how to do it.

Soil pulled from this project can go into the pile just to the East of the greenhouse (behind the wooden box).

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Border clean up

All around the garden where we have brick and stone border linings, they get overgrown and covered.

Take out any invasive weeds and clear anything away from the bricks and stones. This is along many of the paths and around the herb beds in the garden.
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Turning compost bins, Chopping greens for composting

Ongoing. See the section on composting for instructions here.

Independent Work Hours (IWH) - final thoughts

If you see something that needs doing and is not on this list, please email to put it on the list of things to do. Thanks.